Randy & Lisa Lee

Tin Cat Studio is comprised of Randy and Lisa, partners in crime, in life, and business. We live amongst the corn and hayfields outside of Luck, Wisconsin, along with 5 cats, 4 dogs and an occasional bypassing chipmunk. Together we enjoy the outdoors: snowboarding, hiking, biking, canoeing, finding shapes in the clouds, watching the stars, searching for Sasquatch and camping are done together as much as possible. When we are not chasing down a sky filled with puffy white clouds, you can more than likely find us on a gravel road photographing the rural landscape or the simplicity of the weeds growing along the edges of fields. Our style can be described as impressionistic photography. All of the art starts as a photograph. We apply different techniques during the post-editing process to set the mood or to create a visual impact. Sometimes the image is left alone, depending on what end result is desired.